Danish Care Tech is an innovative company that develops medical equipment in sustainable material. The purpose is to improve existing equipment and introduce new products to the market. The vision is to ensure a better exploitation of the planet’s resources and focus on a more sustainable future. The products also improve the experience and safety of patients, regardless of their background, environment, location or culture.

Everyone has the right to medical treatment!

Our latest product

The recent launch from the company is the innovative and sustainable crutch called, MoveAid. It is, in cooperation with leading physiotherapists and occupational therapists, developed in sustainable material. MoveAid is a one-time use, wherein the material after use can be recycled for other purposes. The inexpensive material ensures that patients both nationally and internationally receive the assistive devices they need.

What we do


The company Danish Care Tech consists of Mathias Snejstrup, Morten Keil, Mads Reinholdt and Kasper Tindbæk, all studying a Bachelor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Aarhus Business Academy. Four people with wide-ranging experience and a common passion for entrepreneurship.

A twisted ankle and a visit to the local hospital turned out to be the first step towards success. In April 2016 the team participated in the Regional Championship in Entrepreneurship and won with their new and innovative crutch designed in recycled material.

Ambitious, and with a great amount of winner instinct the company has taken several competitions by storm. They won 1st place in the Regional Championship, 2nd Place in the Danish National Championship with an associated track prize in Health and Welfare. Furthermore the team was presented with an award from Tønder Energy- and Environmental fund. Participating in the European Championship resulted in a second place and a special prize, Social Innovation Award.

In August 2016 the four partners joined forces full time. Danish Care Tech is now being operated from the office in Navitas, Aarhus. The vision is to improve conditions for patients and staff within the hospital system, as well as internationally to help people in need with innovative and environmentally friendly medical equipment.

Danish Cardboard Tech EM



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Danish Cardboard Tech becomes Danish Care Tech. We have evolved and become wiser. Our retrospect has become wider, which has led us to the name change. We still believe in the same core values which

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Danish Cardboard Tech takes second place at CBC plus special price

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DCT have been honored to take the second place at Creative Business Cup, plus an additional from Business Koldning. We're looking forward to future cooperation.


Kasper Tindbaek
Kasper TindbaekPartner

Product development

Mads Reinholdt
Mads ReinholdtPartner

Product development

Mathias Snejstrup
Mathias SnejstrupPartner


Morten Keil
Morten KeilPartner



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